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CARLO BARUFFALDI Between Fantasy and Exoticism


Curated by Marzio Dall'Acqua, Renzo Margonai, Vittorio Sgarbi

with the collaboration of Marco Scansani

organized by Augusto Agosta Tota


Via Acerbi, 47

20 October 2017 – 18 February 2018

Since his earliest childhood, Carlo Baruffaldi, born in Correggioverde, province of Mantua, has shown a profound need to express himself through images. Over the years, he has been able to hone this innate talent, also thanks to the periods of his life spent in the academies. The artist builds the painting inside an inner vision, and this imagination is materialized on the canvas through visual, not photographic, memory. It is memory of an ancestral kind. Baruffaldi’s sources are not hidden, yet he has the ability to create something never seen before and highly personal, managing to execute an in-depth self-examination, capable of translating his thoughts into visible forms in the best possible way. 

A reserved, moody personality, a wanderer of places and encounters—yet so constant and determined in his sentiments, affections, and illusions—he sings an eternal and constant painted dream of love and pleasure amidst lightweight and common symbols, penetrating—seductively and persuasively—the soul of the beholder of his works. 

Baruffaldi is truly an outstanding artist, because of his vagabond and nomadic nature that has often led him to places outside Italy, and because his works are loved, appreciated, and collected abroad where the most prestigious galleries vie for them. An artist with a multifarious and lengthy experience, comparable to that of some of the major international masters of the twentieth century, from de Chirico, with whom he shared experiences and events in his life, so much so that he considered him a point of reference if not his master, to Chagall and Miró, whom he met in Paris.

10,00 - 19,30 pm. Monday closed, except holiday.
The ticket office closes one hour before closing time.

Full price 8,00 €
Reduced price 6,00 € 6-10 years old, over 65 and group at least of 10 people.
Special reduced price 3,00 € for students.

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