Art And Madness




28 MAY – 31 OCTOBER 2015

Those who wish to visit the famous and internationally acclaimed Labyrinth conceived by Franco Maria Ricci, and built at La Masone, Fontanellato, province of Parma, will have to wait until the spring of 2015. The labyrinth complex will host cultural spaces for over 5,000 square metres to be filled with Franco Maria Ricci’s art collection (about 500 works from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries) and a library dedicated to the most illustrious examples of printing and graphic art, including many works by Giambattista Bodoni and the entire production of Alberto Tallone.

The natural completion to this historical collection are all the books published by Franco Maria Ricci over the past five decades.

The Labyrinth will be inaugurated in the month of May and its large rooms dedicated to temporary exhibitions will open with an exhibition entitled “Arte e follia”, showcasing 30 masterpieces by Antonio Ligabue and 46 by Pietro Ghizzardi.

The exhibition is curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, and promoted by the Fondazione Franco Maria Ricci and the Centro Studi e Archivio "Antonio Ligabue" in Parma, chaired by Augusto Agosta Tota. 

This exhibition, which will run until 31 October, is part of the cultural circuit of EXPO MILANO 2015.

Ligabue and Ghizzardi tell us about their lives, they illustrate their very personal creative world, their uniqueness. The two artists were contemporaries in the narrow confines of the Po Valley topography, invented and rewritten by the labour of mankind. Both men experienced social marginalization, the difficulties that came with exclusion and poverty, a lack of formal  training and a cultural background that forced them to look within themselves for an iconography that could reconstruct their fantastic world, allow them to communicate with others, describe their deepest and sincerest emotions. Both men created a uniquely personal artistic language, lying well beyond schools, masters, or models: it was a reconstruction of the metaphors of their existence, their dreams, and their desires. Both men achieved the height of their artistic potential, and are now considered truly ingenious masters of 20th-century art. 

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue published with the sumptuous graphic presentation that Franco Maria Ricci is renowned  for, together with essays by Vittorio Sgarbi, Marzio Dall'Acqua, Pascal Bonafoux.