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Promoted by Fondazione Archivio Antonio Ligabue di Parma, Fondazione Cavallini Sgarbi, The State Centrale Museum of Contemporary Russian History, Italian Institute of Culture directed by Dr. Olga Strada and Centre of Film Festivals and International Programs directed by Dr. Tatjana Shumova.

Curated by Marzio Dall'Acqua and Vittorio Sgarbi

Artworks selection and organization by Augusto Agosta Tota

Sponsored by: Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Senate of the Italian Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italy-Russia Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, Cultural Association Russia Emilia Romagna and Embassy of Switzerland.

State Centrale Museum of Contemporary Russian History


January 25 - March 11  2018


The genius of Antonio Ligabue is celebrated for the first time ever in Russia. The work of one of the protagonists of twentieth-century Italian art is presented through a wide selection of famous oils and some of his best sculptures. This intense exhibition showcases the art of a visionary genius whose work evolved continuously, the passionate research which he was capable of inventing and renewing, characterized by dazzling colours but at the same time harmonious ones, arousing emotions in the viewer and representing iconographies that were both popular and refined. This anthological excursus of the artist's output has been divided into three canonical periods: from the domestic animals of the early years, to the tigers with wide open jaws, the terrifying lions, the serpents, the clasping birds of prey or those that fight for survival. A vertitable jungle that the artist imagines in a sort of state of hallucination in the midst of the forests situated along the banks of the Po River. The nature painted by Ligabue is the theater of merciless violence. The forests, plains, fields, and the barns themselves are the sites of fighting of every kind. Numerous self-portraits will also be exhibited, works that best describe Ligabue’s existential pain, crying out with the urgency of his intense and raw sensitivity. It is the torment of a soul that thanks to painting finds both a voice and redemption. Ligabue's paintings exude angst, solitude, the instinctive struggle to survive and find a place for oneself in the world, the visceral desire for love and a social life, which are the needs shared in every period of time by all human beings, including in our own day and age. It is the immediacy of the artist's paintings and the expressive force of his art that create a particular link between the works and the viewer. Ligabue's popularity is due to his ability to communicate and convey aesthetic ideals, sensations, and visions of the world to the widest range of human beings possible.



Full ticket 250 rubles

Discount ticket 100 rubles (for students of higher educational institutions of Russia, pensioners)



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